About Us

A full cycle real estate system involves many moving parts that must be seamlessly connected and automated as much as possible for efficiency. The turnkey solution involves the following:

– Property Selection
– Rehab of Property
– Property Management
– Eventual Disposition of the Property

BuyCashFlowProperties.com is the acquisition arm that is operated by RJ Palano. All aspects of property selection and the systems to acquire properties are made by him. RJ has performed over 3,000 transactions in over 50 cities and 12 states in the U.S. He is an acquisition expert and seasoned negotiator with homeowners. RJ’s background acquiring properties is unmatched with knowledge of local U.S. markets and negotiation, title law and just plain street smarts. Every system that’s in place for property investors was developed by our team to serve RJ’s needs as an investor. We’re not simply selling investors houses, we’re very active investors that continue to hold rental houses in our personal portfolios.

Jim Case is an expert at creating workable property management and maintenance solutions. His primary role is to oversee all house rehabs upon purchase as well as turnovers. Jim has built all the subcontractor crews and maintenance workers involved with the day to day operation of the business.He is a separate entity that allows RJ to continue acquisitions, and it allows the property management team to quickly and efficiently prepare a property for rent after tenant turnover. “Tenant turnover” is that “dirty word” no one likes to talk about, but it’s an inevitable part of this business. Jim has complete control over every aspect of turnover and by operating this property model, turnovers always take precedent over new acquisitions.

When a tenant moves out, the goal is to immediately attract new qualified tenants by doing what is necessary to the property – as fast as possible – as efficiently as possible, in order to delivery predictable rent for the investor.

Thus, all paint colors, floor goods and landscape materials are standardized for a “minimal face lift” on a property that eventually goes vacant. Turnover is the biggest cost in this business and Jim’s role to speed up this process allows investors to reduce downtime should a property go vacant.

Anthony Salmeri from NationalERAServicing.com is the property manager and broke for all future sales. He oversees all aspects of property management from tenant placement to rent collections to the eventual sale of the property on behalf of the investors. Within his company are Portfolio Managers which have selected territories, and are paid on their performance for tenant placement and collections.