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Granada, Nicaragua

Here is a good real estate disaster story: Nicaragua has been progressing, on the rise for the last 20 years. Tourism booming, everything getting very expensive, middle class rising, people prospering. Huge real estate investment by foreigners and returning Nicaraguans. Lots of folks sunk almost all their eggs here in one basket. In two months of civil unrest all of these gains were erased. People who invested all their money here are wiped out, stuck with properties, houses, hotels, restaurants that are totally empty (now closed). My main house is here, and I had one rental, so have lost that income and am scrambling to support my two properties as it's still quite expensive to cover bills, pay people to guard the place, etc. But I thank my stars that all my money was not invested in this one country! Nobody saw this coming, the situation is still unresolved, tourism has gone from total BOOM to total BUST and of course it's the poor families now unemployed who are suffering the most. Luckily, I'm a privileged white person, and can go live somewhere else (Mexico for me) and still support my properties here. The moral of the story is not to put all your eggs in one basket no matter how tempting!

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E Wong
San Francisco, CA

After doing Due diligence on Buy Cash Flow Properties, I bought two houses and plan to buy more. I took them up on their offer to fly me to Atlanta, visited several properties and met with the property manager. This is not the only turnkey operation I visited but, it is the only one I bought from.

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Vince I
Atlanta, GA

I was looking to buy a strong cash flow property and you found a great value proposition for me. The best thing about working with Maverick was the personal attention I received. The whole experience was tailored to my specific needs as an investor. You listened to my needs and responded well. The customer service was excellent.

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Chong Hee

I first visited RJ from BCFP in Atlanta early this year. While I believed the USA is a safe place to invest, I was more concerned with property management and quality of houses and neighborhoods. I came back in July and bought more properties and am now an affiliate of Buy Cash Flow Properties.

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Tallahassee, FL

I’ve known RJ for over 10 years. When he told me he was buying in Atlanta, I personally inspected several houses and bought two. The houses were such a good value and the property management made things so easy that I bought more. RJ and his team are conscientious and they put the investor first. I also like the fact that they use land trusts, because, as an attorney, I feel strongly about asset protection.

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Hong Kong, China

I flew in from Hong Kong to buy one house and ended up buying two. These houses have performed as expected and I am most satisfied with the availability of personnel when I’ve had questions in the past.

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Barbara Davidson
New York, NY

Recently I acquired my first rental property outside the area I live in New York. As a seasoned investor with over 22 houses, it was important to me to buy my next few houses in areas that provide predictable cash flow with upside potential. It is impossible to deny the opportunities in Atlanta and I was delighted to be referred to Jim Case and his team. What impressed me most was their attention to detail to my personal needs and goals. The property manager responded to every question I had in a timely manner and I can confidently recommend to anyone that wants that personal touch when it comes to investing in houses.

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J Brown
Phoenix, AZ

I have known Mr. Palano for over 25 years and have done business with him throughout our relationship. I am an attorney and I pay close attention to detail. When invited to Atlanta by RJ, I had to look for myself and evaluate the market. My experience in real estate is significant as I have developed hundreds of condos and houses in other parts of the country. I was hoping to drag Mr. Palano to the Phoenix market but it made no sense as the opportunities in Atlanta are better than what I have observed in Phoenix and it has all the drivers for upside potential. Currently I am invested in over 15 houses and will acquire more while I can buy well below cost to build.

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Tracey B
Clarence, NY and their team of experts explained our investment options very clearly and executed our transactions very easily. Their easy approach and personal touch gained our trust and confidence that our investment would be in good hands. The property management team manager Anthony Salmeri made numerous calls to us. He simply wanted to touch base and let us know our properties were being taken care of and that if we had any questions we could call him personally. He has provided excellent customer service and we highly recommend this team of experts!

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E. Huang
San Francisco, CA

The most critical part of any investment in real estate is a good property manager. property management services quickly place A-grade tenants and often at higher rents than expected. This is because they keep our properties well maintained.


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