At (BCFP) we do things different. Candidly, we don’t want to be like anyone else. We have created a proprietary system which in actuality, separates us from all of our competitors, especially in the field of property management.

Our process of our delivery of cash flow houses to our competition is as follows:

1. RJ selects houses and acquires them.
2. Jim places into rehab and oversees contractors.
3. Anthony and his team of Portfolio Managers market the properties available to our trusted promotors.
4. Investor buys the house.
5. Anthony continues to oversee management until the investor decides to exit his investment. At that time, RJ and Anthony discuss and the property is marketed and ultimately sold.
6. Robyn does a home inspection and informing Jim of any issues. The work gets completed, Robyn re-inspects and creates a clean report.

Seems simple enough? Hardly. This is just a simple outline. It doesn’t take into account the licensed pest control and air conditioning contractors that automatically inspect each new purchase. It doesn’t include our landscapers and discussions on rent range and option prices which all take place internally. To make a business scalable you have to anticipate growth and hire the people you need – before you need them. That’s why our model has evolved and we tweak systems as we make distinctions and modify processes.

There are 6 Portfolio Managers under Anthony that have territories within our model. They are responsible for the placement of tenants and the collection of rents. They are paid on performance only and collectively we all work through issues that come up.

It really starts with attitude and vision.

Simply put, we want to be the most efficient and reliable turnkey operator in the country and our statistics of days on market and collections are better than ever, but we always strive to improve.

Our primary goal is to provide exemplary service to our investors while delivering above average yields. We are completely service oriented and our joy in this business is a direct result of satisfied investors whose lives we have impacted in a positive way.