Property Management is the foundation block of all cash flow houses. You can do everything right and still fail miserably with the wrong manager. On a personal level, we’ve been involved in property management since 1979. Every process, every strategy and every system we’ve created was based on our needs as an investor.

When we first circled the wagons around Atlanta 6 years ago, we tried a local property manager out of Fayetteville. After 30 days, we fired them. They simply didn’t care about our money as much as we did. Then, we tried another company. Worse! After 45 days they didn’t even have signs on the houses! UGH!

That’s when we knew we had to run it all internally and thus, we set up shop in Atlanta with Anthony Salmeri and National ERA Servicing. The high demand for cash flow houses in the U.S. has sparked the development of new property management companies throughout the country. As a result, there are a lot of novice managers in the business now. All I can say about that is: nothing takes the place of experience in this business. We have cut our teeth in this business since 1979 and we’ve learned our hard lessons with our money. You see, back then we only managed our own properties. Thus, every bit of wisdom we attained through our experiences was on our dollar. After managing thousands of tenants over the last 35+ years we’ve continued to modify our approach and systems to accommodate investors like you.

I would never give my money to a young stock broker who doesn’t have any money in the stock market, no more than I would give it to a property manager that doesn’t own property. Experience is the greatest teacher and it’s the systems and know how that govern a company’s behavior that will determine the profitability of cash flow houses for the investors they serve. Property managers need to be book smart but more importantly they have to be street smart.

A few distinctions between our property management and our competitors are as follows:

  1. Our tenants are on 3 year leases, not one year.
  2. Our tenants have an option to purchase the property for significantly more than an investor paid for it.
  3. We collect a non-refundable option payment to purchase the house from the tenant instead of a security deposit.
  4. We never mark up a fee or service.
  5. We have our proprietary Landlord Protection Plan (LLPP) which provides various benefits for our investors.
  6. Our Portfolio Managers always visit the home of perspective applicants to see how they care for their current property.

For more information on exact fees and services we provide, go directly to the following websites:

1. – This shows our current available houses for rent. There are videos and pictures for each of them.
2. – This is the property manager’s website for investors. Check out the newsletters and all the information that pertains to our clients.

One of my favorite lines in business is: “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.” This is so true when it comes to property management.